About Natúr

Natúr is an independent print magazine filled with stories of natural wine, honest food, bars, coffee, soil, dirt, work, sweat, community, beautiful nature, and more. Focusing on the lesser-known parts of Central and Eastern Europe. The first edition was published in 2020, in Hungary, its natural wine community, bakers,  peculiar spots for coffee and great natural food experience.

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Writer & Publisher 

Rebeka Győrfi was born-and-bred in rural Hungary, and took off to explore the world at age 16. She has been involved in the hospitality and natural wine scene of Budapest, London, Edinburgh, New York and more… 

Find her drinking natural wine, stuffing cheese in her face or stalking cute animals on the regular in Barcelona, Spain. 

As the creator of Natúr, she hopes to spread stories about Eastern European natural winemakers, sustainable producers, small businesses, creatives and many more. Rebeka truly enjoys eye rolls (directed at snooty somms and wine nonsense), big chats about sustainability + diversity, and cool womxn-created things.

She is currently working on a series about womxn in the wine industry, Of Women & Wine, for the LazyWomen.


Grateful for the following people, who have contributed art, photos and talent to Volume 1. 


Tiphaine de Rougé @titeepex
Lia Rozgonyi @liarozgonyi
Hanna Békefi @hanna.bkf

Layout & Graphics

Marcell Kazsik @kazsik


Ádám Csordás @simanadam
Gábor Nagy @nagygabornet
Ferenc Dancsecs @furmint_photo
Timi Argyelán @thegypsybaker

Special thanks to Leontina Postelnicu and Grace Moen for their invaluable notes.